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Dervla Louli Musgrave

"From the moment I met Barbara and the PAKT team I knew that everything I wanted to store with them would be safe and well looked after. The digital inventory means I can see and manage my clothes on my phone, and they care for delicate clothing like my wedding dress, embellished evening gowns and vintage handbags, as well as bulky winter coats, in a way that I couldn't do myself. Not only was the pick up, archiving and customer service impeccable but with deliveries on demand anything in my PAKT wardrobe can be with me in 24 hours. I can't wait to see what other services PAKT rolls out!"

Dervla Louli Musgrave Founder Compare Retreats

Susanna Soo

"PAKT provides easy, efficient and convenient services that enable us to better manage inventory, which includes many delicate evening gowns, it has been difficult to find a service that can take adequate care of them. Not only does PAKT take considerable care with the garments, we especially appreciate the photo-taking services that make communication as well as visualization extremely convenient. The quick delivery times are also very beneficial, especially for the fast-paced fashion industry. Furthermore, we happily note that all products have been returned and delivered in pristine condition. Delivery staff have been friendly and helpful."

Susanna Soo Entrepreneur & Designer

Susanna Soo
Amanda Strang

"Managing your wardrobe when you are always on the move definitely requires organisation. As an entrepreneur and model, I travel regularly for work and I've accumulated lots of beautiful clothes and accessories that I want to keep. But storage space and clothing care is always an issue in humid Hong Kong, which is why I love PAKT! I can store special items and rotate my wardrobe seasonally, get deliveries on demand and the digital inventory means my wardrobe may be out of sight but it's not out of mind!"

Amanda Strang Entrepreneur & Model